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We’ve got you covered.


At Providence Bayswater we love that anyone can come along regardless if you are religious, skeptical or not religious. If you’re looking for a church community, a place to find out about answers to life, we think you’ve come to a great place.


One of the easiest ways to see and experience Providence Bayswater is to come to one of our Sunday church services. It is scary coming to anything for the first time. But our welcomers will be ready to greet you and answer your questions when you arrive.

We have not started meeting on Sundays yet, but you can expect there to be good nearby parking, a creche for kids 0-3 and a kid’s program for primary school aged children. You can expect a talk from the Bible, some songs and that we will pray together. It’s a casual and relaxed vibe at church, Tea and coffee will be available when you walk through the door if you don’t have one on your way.

Send us a message if you’re interested and want to be updated on the church starting.

Got more questions?

We love it that people have questions about God and our church community. So we want to make sure that you have a place to ask them all. If you’ve got questions about what we believe and want to find out more, a great place to start is our Gospel in Four Meals course. Over 4 specially designed dinners, we explain Jesus and the Bible through food. It’s a casual atmosphere and gives you lots of opportunities to ask what you’re thinking. 

If you have questions about Providence Bayswater, then come to one of our Newish meals with Paul Young that explains everything you need to know about our church. We’ll explain our history and foundations, along with how to belong and be involved at Providence Bayswater.

I want to learn more

How about exploring all of your questions over four uniquely crafted meals based on key moments of the Bible? At Providence, we love making people who are skeptical, agnostic or from other religions feel comfortable to explore Christianity with us…

Join us for a meal

We host regular meals for people new to our church. Come along, meet others from Providence Bayswater, ask your questions, and find out more about our church. 

Providence Bayswater is a church plant of the Providence Church Network launching in 2021. For more information or queries please contact us using the form below.

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