Got questions about Jesus?

Love food? 

Taste & See who Jesus is!

At Providence Bayswater, we love that people who are agnostic, skeptical, or of other religions can explore Christianity at their own pace with us.

We’ve created a unique way of doing all of that: through food. We invite you to explore all your questions over four uniquely crafted meals based on key moments of the Bible.

At Taste & See, you will get to meet Paul (who might even cook some of his best Asian food!), ask your questions, and hear about what the Bible is all about — namely, Jesus himself.

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Here is what some participants have said about Taste & See

“I think in our culture it’s rare to sit down and talk through things of life-changing significance, and so it’s always an amazing evening being able to spend time chatting with people about the core aspects of Christianity, and so good that we can do it over food!”

The best part about attending Taste & See was being taught a great overview of the Bible in a social setting. It was wonderful! I was struck by the depth of the Bible in terms of its creation story, in-depth history, and spiritual teachings of Jesus. I was challenged with the constant tension between living as Jesus lived and implores us to live, and the realities of life is a daily challenge.

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