What we

Providence churches are Christian, evangelical, and reformed. And in that order

Theology matters at Providence

We believe that God is at work through the renewing of our minds (Romans 12:1-2). We use the Bible in our preaching, discipleship, evangelism, and worship, believing that God works through his word and by his Spirit to change lives.

In terms of our doctrinal stance, we are Christian, evangelical, and reformed—and in that order. First, we are Christians. We believe that what matters most is Jesus and following him.

Secondly, we are evangelical Christians. We believe people need to know the Lord Jesus personally, through repentance and faith. And we are reformed. We are those Christians who, with the reformed tradition, emphasis the sovereignty of God and necessity of the work of the Holy Spirit for regeneration.

The statement of beliefs that Providence has adopted, which you can read below, is the doctrinal statement of The Gospel Coalition.


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