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The work of Providence is supported by the generosity of God’s people. If you have made Providence your home, we invite you to partner with us by supporting the ministry in this way.

Partner with us

We praise God for the generosity of his people, which has made the work of Providence City possible. We use money to employ staff, use facilities, and provide resources for mission and ministry. We also give money from the budget to world mission and to church planting. If you are part of the community at Providence City, we invite you to partner with us in this way.

All the money that goes into running Providence City church comes from the donations of its members. All money is given electronically, and only those who handle the accounts can see who has given. No one else, including the pastoral staff, has access to this. Our accounts are audited annually, and members of the Providence Church Network have an opportunity to vote on the budget at the AGM each year.

We recommend giving on a monthly basis, using a direct-debit system through your online banking. This allows us to plan prudently and effectively as we make budget-dependent decisions about the future. And it helps us as givers to overcome forgetfulness.


Our banking details are:

BSB: 036-051
AC: 545910
Description: Your congregation (City 10AM, City 4PM, City 6PM, or City Youth)

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