Over the last two posts we’ve thought about the need to accommodate growth in general, and thought through the option of a fourth service in particular. Where do we go from here? Here’s where, by the grace of God, we hope to move in the coming months:

1. Feel the Need!
This is what we’ve begun to do: feel the need. The better we understand the kingdom need (more people coming to know Jesus) and the more local Prov City need (more space for more people so that we can be part of the solution) the better we’ll be able to move forward.

2. Gather Perspectives
Again, we’re engaged in this at the moment. We have been getting heaps of good perspective, feedback, fresh eyes, and creative solutions to way forward. Keep ‘em coming by sending an email to hello@providencechurch.org.au

3. Cast the Vision
Once we land on whatever we land on, we’ll need time to pray it through and get a concrete vision for how it will happen. Vision is a sight thing. We need to ask: What can we see in the future?

4. Make a Plan
A vision needs a plan. Once we’ve landed on a vision, we’ll need a plan. If we go with a fourth service, that will involve a whole bunch of details: when? who? how? what?

5. Build the Teams
A plan needs people. A crucial part of the process will be to ask God to raise up people to make it happen. Notice I mentioned “teams”, not “a team”. If we start a fourth service we’ll need a team to be the core team of that new service. But we’ll also need teams within that team—music teams, service teams, logistic teams. And we’ll need a team not only for the new stuff but for the continuing stuff. If, for example, the 10am moves to 9am, we’ll need to really own that and make it happen and happen well. And if people are moving from other services to join a new service, we’ll need the existing services to not just mourn the loss, but re-kindle their vision for their services.

These things need time. It’s better to do it right than to do it quickly. But all things considered, my hope and prayer is that we’ll land on a way forward in Term 4, and implement the plan in the first Term of 2023.


– Please keep praying for wisdom and the guidance of God’s Spirit.

– Please keep feeding in ideas and perspectives: via email, by catching any of the staff or elders on Sundays, giving us a call, and coming to the next Q & A session (part of Refresh in Term 4).

– Please let yourself get just a little bit excited about what God might have in store for us in 2023!

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