Could you be our next Ministry Apprentice?

At Prov City we love seeing men and women raised up to make Jesus known, in Perth and around the world.

A Ministry Apprenticeship at Prov City is an opportunity to give ministry a go. It’s two-years, full-time, in a church with the support and training of an experienced Gospel worker.

If you’re thinking about mission or ministry in the future, or want to hear more about what this looks like at Prov City, then read the testimonies from previous interns below and come along to our Ministry Apprecntice supper.

Date: Sun, 21 Aug 2022
Time: 7:30pm
Who: Anyone
Location: The Shiners, Shenton Park

Paul Young


When I became a Christian, I experienced great support from well trained and servant hearted pastors. This peaked my interest in church ministry. They were such a benefit for my own faith, could I do that for others?

• What is ministry like?
• Am I suited to the role?
• Would I even enjoy it?
• How do I even think these questions through?

And that’s where the Ministry Apprenticeship came in. It gave me a chance to experience real church ministry, receive training, and gain a taste of what it’s like. It enabled more experienced ministry workers to look at who I am and what I’m skilled in and help me make a decision on whether I could do this in the future.

Ministry is about people. It’s not something you can pick up in a book. It’s not something you pick up over a podcast. I think the best way to know more about it, grow in it, and test whether it is for you, is to give it a shot.

Hayden Griffiths


I think most people have the same fears I did when considering a Ministry Apprenticeship:

“Will I have enough money?”
“What about my career?”
“2 years is a long time!”
“What if it’s not for me?”
“If they knew what I was really like…”

In fact, I was hoping an apprenticeship would prove that ministry wasn’t for me—then I could go back to doing my own thing. However, it turns out God had other plans. And was big enough to take care of all my fears along the way.

If you think ministry could ever be part of your future, I’d recommend doing a Prov City Ministry Apprenticeship now. If I waited until I was “ready”, I would have never done it, but I’ve never looked back once.

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