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Prov United is where we celebrate the great things God is doing throughout our network. United with all the Providence churches, we worship God, hear encouraging stories, dive into his word, and enjoy our ever-growing community.

In the seecond half of the day we enjoy a festival with live music, food, drinks, games and market stalls which showcase all the creative talent we have in our churches.

When: Sunday, Sep 18th
Where: Swan Christian College

I’m not creative

That’s okay, we still have plenty of ways you can help out. If you’re available, we need people to help with set up, pack up, welcoming, logistics, games, photography, food and all the other things that go into making a fun, welcoming, festival atmosphere.

Market Stalls

•  Old record collections  •
•  Vintage clothes  •
•  House plant side hustles  •
•  Knitted baby clothes  •
•  Beautiful bouquets  •
•  Crafted woodwork  •
•  Framed Photography  •
•  Original art  •

We would love to see all these things and more at the ProvUtd market stalls.  We can’t wait to see all of Prov’s creative talent on display. All profits go to you or a cause of your choice.

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*Perth Modern School in no way promotes or endorses the Licensee (us, Providence Church) or our activities.