We need your talents!


This year for Prov United we’re going to have a market stalls festival. We’ll provide the market, but we need you to bring the stalls. So, if you have something to offer we’d love you to register below as soon as possible. Things we’re looking for could include:

•  Homegrown produce  •
•  Art  •
•  Music: Live  •
•  Music: Singles and Albums  •
•  Clothing  •
•  Jewellry  •
•  Woodwork  •
•  Caricatures •
•  Plants  •
•  Homemade crafts  •
•  Illusion Tricks  •
•  Photography  •
•  Poetry  •
•  Prints  •

If you have something else, feel free to request it.

Contact Us

We would love to hear from you!

Please send any questions or enquiries
to hello@providencechurch.org.au

*Perth Modern School in no way promotes or endorses the Licensee (us, Providence Church) or our activities.