We’re committed to providing a safe environment for everyone at Providence City. Here are some of the steps we take to make sure that’s the case.

Something to report?

If you have an incident to report, please do so through the form below. All reports go to a committee of people who maintain strict confidentiality and careful follow up.

Safe Ministry at Providence City

We seek to make all of our ministries and events at Providence City safe, whether big or small, formal or informal. Our practices are shaped by our Safe Ministry policies (Currently our Safe Ministry policies are under review to make sure they comply with the latest government regulation and the PCN constitution. Please email us if you would like more information). Our team leaders guide their teams in safe ministry practices as they go about serving together.

Safe Ministry Training
As part of creating a safe environment, we ask all our volunteers and leaders to complete online Safe Ministry training as they start serving. This training equips them to go about their ministry for their own safety and the safety of those they serve. This training is provided by Safe Ministry Check and is renewed regularly.

Working with Children Check
We ask volunteers serving kids (0-18) at Providence City to hold a current Working with Children Check, as required by WA legislation.

Volunteer National Police Certificate
We ask our leaders and some of our volunteers to apply for Volunteer National Police Checks. We do this to ensure the people who bear responsibility in our community are suitable for those roles.

Finally, we ask our volunteers to commit to our service covenant. It includes our commitment to pray, care for and equip them as they serve, and their commitment to serve the Lord Jesus humbly and faithfully, in dependence on him. 

For volunteers who are leading teams, or teaching God’s word there’s the leadership covenant. Similar to the service covenant, it also calls on them to be faithful with God’s word, and careful with his people as they lead them.

Safe Ministry Contacts
If you have any questions or concerns about our Safe Ministry policies, procedures or practices at Providence City, or about a particular incident, please please contact one of our Safe Ministry Contacts or email

Josh Juniper

Safe Ministry Contact

Polly Dixon

Safe Ministry Contact

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