Join us this Sunday as we gather as God’s people.

Sunday Services

Providence City has three Sunday services at 10am, 4pm, and 6pm. We meet in the Beasley Auditorium at 90 Roberts Rd Subiaco (Perth Modern School*). Feel free to join us to worship our great God with us!

Children’s ministry at 10am

Creche is available for children 1–4 years.
ProvKids is available for children PP to year 6.

Children’s ministry at 4pm

Creche is available for children 1–3 years.
ProvKids is available for children Kindy to year 6.

*Perth Modern School in no way promotes or endorses Providence City or our activities.

Plan your visit

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There’s plenty of parking available on the basketball courts on Subiaco Rd. Access Subiaco Rd from Thomas St (left turn only) or Hamilton St. It’s a short walk from the basketball courts to the Beasley Building, either via the staircase to the south of the basketball courts, or via the gate on Subiaco Rd, west of the basketball courts (for prams).

Parking for those with mobility restrictions is available in the drop off zone (see map

Drop off
You might like to drop off friends or family members before parking your car. There’s a drop off zone available on Roberts Rd (one way). Look for the signs on your left after Hamilton St.

The entrance to the Beasley Building is on the eastern and western sides of the building. Follow the signs and look for the welcomers to greet you.

What to expect
Everyone is welcome! Whether this is your first time at a church, you’re looking for a church, or just visiting, we’d love you to join us.

Welcomers wearing lanyards will greet you as you arrive. They’d love to make you feel welcome at Providence City. They can help you find a seat, show you where the bathrooms are and answer any questions you have about Providence.

If you have kids, they are welcome to join us in the service or attend ProvKids during the 10am and 4 pm services. A creche is available for 1-3yr olds. A parents room with an audio feed is available at all three services. We suggest you plan to arrive a little before 10am to find the venue and get settled in. 

Each service runs for a little over an hour. 

Contact Us

We would love to hear from you!

Please send any questions or enquiries

*Perth Modern School in no way promotes or endorses the Licensee (us, Providence Church) or our activities.