We would love to tell you more about Jesus.

Jesus Christ was a man born over 2000 years ago. But he is so much more than that. He is Saviour, Messiah, and our Redeemer.

Who are we?

At the heart of Providence Midland is our conviction that the God who is Father, Son and Spirit has made himself known in Jesus Christ. We meet together on Sundays to know this God better—to worship him, pray to him, sing of him, and read his word together.


Join Providence Midland as we gather together on Sunday afternoons for regular fellowship, worship and praise of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. Come along and worship with us, 4pm at Swan Christian College.

To Live Is Christ

Our current Sermon Series is in the letter of Philippians. This letter encourages unity, partnership and love as the body of Christ. The theme of Paul’s letter is ‘knowing Christ, and making him known’, a vision shared by the church in Philippi and Paul… A vision shared with us. 

What's on?

Connect with us and get more involved by attending an event hosted by Providence Midland.

Pray with us

Each week before our Sunday service we make time for prayer to lift up our praise and petition to our Heavenly Father, because we are dependent on him for everything. Join us at 3:30pm, at Swan Christian College.

Planting seeds of the gospel of Jesus Christ,
giving rise to his church,
to the glory of God.


Planting seeds of the gospel of Jesus Christ,
giving rise to his church,
to the glory of God.


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I’m planning to visit

Fantastic! Come down on a Sunday afternoon at 4pm to join us as we gather together to learn and grow deeper in our love of Jesus. There are options for kids during the service and a regular youth gathering every second Sunday after the service. Come introduce yourself to one of our friendly volunteers at the front entrance when you arrive!

Who is Jesus?

Jesus Christ, Son of God and God the Son, Righteous Saviour, Redeemer, King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Jesus has many titles in the bible, and at Providence Midland we welcome questions about who Jesus is and what he’s done. If you want to learn more, please email us or come along to our Sunday service. We’d encourage you to talk to one of our Staff or Elders to discuss any questions or observations you have about the Christian faith. We welcome anyone who may be sceptical, secular, or from a different religious background to engage with us in friendly conversation and discuss the one on whom the Christian faith is founded, Jesus Christ.

How do I get connected?

The best way to connect with us to come down on a Sunday afternoon at 4pm to join us as we gather together to make much of our King Jesus. If you are interested in getting involved, email us at midland@providencechurch.org.au. You can join a small group bible study, or join us at any upcoming events by visiting our events page.

How can I help out?

There are two ways you can support the community within and outside Providence Midland: 1) during our Sunday service, and 2) assisting with regular community service events (eg. gardening/housework and making meals for foster families). At Providence, we want to enable and encourage you to serve in an area you feel you’re gifted in. Email us at midland@providencechurch.org.au if you have capacity to help out, let us know how you’d like to serve by checking out our service page!

Do you have a youth group?

Yes! The ProvYouth gather after every second Sunday service during the school term. Check out the ProvYouth page for more information or to register your interest!

Contact Us

We'd love to hear from you! Please send any questions or enquiries to midland@providencechurch.org.au