Our Team

So, who are the leaders and staff at Providence Midland? These are the people who uplift and support the community and operations at church.

Jordan Thyer

Senior Pastor

Jordan grew up in the Perth hills and worked as a chemical engineer before moving to the UK to study apologetics. He then moved back to Perth to study at Trinity Theological College. He is married to Rachel, has 3 children, and enjoys the outdoors.

Jordan serves as Senior Pastor where he is responsible for preaching, ministry training, leading the staff team, and the overall direction of the church.

Sam Rae

Associate Pastor 

Sam was born in Perth and grew up in the South West. Before being a pastor he worked in Perth and overseas as an engineer. He then did a ministry apprenticeship with AFES and studied at Trinity Theological College. Sam is married to Rhianon, and they have 2 children.

Sam serves as the Ministry Director, overseeing our ministry teams. He’s also a musician, so you might see him leading the music team at Providence and other events around Perth.

Sophie McAlpine

Communications and Kids Minister

Sophie grew up in Perth, but spent a year in the UK with her family doing ‘house church’. She completed her Diploma of Theology at Trinity Theological College in 2020, and is now in her final year studying a BA in History and Literature. Sophie prays the kids ministry at Midland will pass the gospel to kids in rich, accessible ways.

Joe Wilson

Student Minister

Kevin Hayward


Ian Fraser


Committee of Management

Rory Shiner

Acting Network Director

Michelle Thomas


Robbie Lindsay


Hannah Bottrell

Committee Member

Polly Dixon


Damon Wasserman

Committee Member

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