Our Team

So, who are the leaders and staff at Providence Midland? These are the people who uplift and support the community and operations at church.

Jordan Thyer

Senior Pastor  |  Elder

Jordan grew up in the Perth hills and spent lots of time outdoors playing sport with his 3 brothers. Seeing genuine Christian faith displayed in his parents helped Jordan recognize that Christianity was good but the question came later at University if it was exclusively true. Jordan worked as a Chemical Engineer before moving to the UK to study at the Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics. Returning to Aus Jordan completed an MDiv at Trinity Theological College while a Youth Pastor. He then worked as an itinerant evangelist / apologist speaking on the truth and goodness of the Christian faith. He is married to Rachel, has 2 daughters, and loves Brazilian BBQ and getting outdoors for a run or swim – usually trailed by his dog ‘Bandit’. His passion in life is knowing Jesus and making Him known.

Maddy Rhodes

Associate Minister  |  Operations, Communications & Women

Maddy spent the first years of her life in Hong Kong, Thailand and Indonesia, then spent her primary and high-school years in the lower Perth Hills. Discovering the gospel at 14 years old, Maddy soon discovered the need for Christian community to help her persevere amongst opposition and disbelief. The unconditional love of Christ and the mercy of God held strong, and Maddy soon became passionate about encouragement and equipping others to stand firm in their faith. Training and working as a Speech Pathologist after high school, Maddy moved on to work at Prov Midland in 2018 and 2020. Now studying part time at Trinity Theology College to chip away at her Mdiv, Maddy loves being outdoors, spending time encouraging others, and hanging out with her husband, Robbie and one very spoiled dog, Bodie. Her passion is pointing others toward Jesus, even in the midst of trials. 

Andrew Donnini


Glenn Wylde


Kevin Hayward


Committee of Management

Nigel Gordon

Committee Chair

Michelle Thomas


Rory Shiner

Acting Network Director

Robbie Lindsay


Luke Ellery

Committee Member

Jon Rumble

City Liaison

Jordan Thyer

Midland Liaison

Adrian Fry

Committee Member

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