Prayer Series

Prayer is not aligning God’s will to ours, it is aligning our will to God’s… We pray so we might adore the King, and worship him with abundant joy. That we might learn our need to rely on the true perfecter of faith, who grows us into the image of Jesus.

“When asked, ‘What is more important: praying or reading the bible?’ I ask, ‘What is more important: breathing in or breathing out?'” – Charles Spurgeon

Our Sermon series on Prayer examines how Jesus taught his disciples to pray, and how the early church modelled prayer. We look at Matthew’s record of The Lord’s Prayer in chapter 6:1-15, and prayer as displayed in Acts 17:16-34. We encourage you to listen, and feel comfortable to ask questions or seek clarification. You can email us at

At Providence Midland, it is our hope that everyone has someone to pray for and with. We pray that these resources, by the help of God’s Spirit, equip you to develop a rich prayer life that orients your heart to trust in and rely on Jesus. 

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