Our Vision

We think of vision as being like a postcard from the future. It’s who we want to be—God willing—in 10+ years.

Looking forward

We see a growing network of healthy, missional, Jesus-centred churches planted across Perth over the next decade.

Churches are the plant that grows from the seed of the gospel. When the gospel first went out from Jerusalem, communities formed around that good news. These communities served each other, taught each other, and grew up in Christ together as they held out the word of life to their towns and cities. It’s been happening ever since.

Church planting takes time, energy, and attention. And just as a vine needs a trellis, the “plant” of new churches needs the “trellis” of good governance. Planting churches involves recruiting gifted leaders, training capable launch teams, and thinking prayerfully and strategically about where and when to plant. And for churches to be healthy, they need to be safe, accountable, and supported.

The Network exists to offer this support so that new churches can go further faster and do their work of disciple-making on a foundation of safe ministry, good governance and effective oversight.

The Committee of Management is the board that oversees the Network. The Network Director reports to the Committee of Management.

To find out more about our prayers and plans for the Network, email hello@providencechurch.org.au

Contact Us

We'd love to hear from you! Please send any questions or enquiries to hello@providencechurch.org.au