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At Providence we take good governance, accountability, and effective use of resources very seriously.

How things work around here

The Committee of Management
The Committee of Management is responsible for the governance of Providence Church Network Incorporated. This is the legal entity through which our network of churches operates. They are legally responsible for our activities before our governments and get to think about policy development and implementation for the legal, financial, and risk management of our association. We are registered as an association in WA, and as a charity by the ACNC.

The way we think about it, the Committee of Management asks four main questions:
1. Is it legal?
2. Is it safe?
3. Is it prudent?
4. Can we afford it?

Currently, Adrian Fry chairs the Committee, and Michelle Thomas is our treasurer. Rory Shiner, Luke Ellery, Adrian Fry, and Robbie Lindsay are members (Robbie is secretary). Polly Dixon, Hannah Bottrell and Stuart Cobbett joins us each meeting in an advisory capacity. Jon Rumble and Jordan Thyer sit in on meetings as a conduit for communications between the Committee and churches’ Boards of Elders.

If you imagine Providence as a bus, it’s the role of the Committee of Management to make sure it is licensed, safe, and has fuel in the tank.

Robbie Lindsay


Michelle Thomas


Rory Shiner

Acting Network Director

Polly Dixon


Adrian Fry

Acting Chair

Hannah Bottrell


Stuart Cobbett


Jon Rumble

City Liaison

Jordan Thyer

Midland Liaison

The Elders
We also have local Providence elders who work with the senior pastor to oversee the spiritual and ministry life of our church. The Elders are faced with a different but complementary set of questions to those faced by the Committee of Management. They ask: Is it biblical? Is it faithful? Is it for the spiritual health of the congregation?

Formally, senior pastors serve as one of the elders. The senior pastors report to the elders and are accountable to them. It is the elders who nominate a new senior pastor to be appointed, and it’s the elders who hold the senior pastor to account. In short, if you have a problem with a senior pastor, you can talk to the elders.

If you imagine Providence as a bus, once the Committee of Management has made sure it’s safe and the tank is full, the Elders are responsible for the direction the bus is travelling.


The Staff
The staff are employed by the church to run the ministry by equipping the saints for works of service, so that the body of Christ may be built up. 

If you imagine Providence as a bus, once the Committee of Management have made sure it’s safe and the tank is full, and the Elders have set the direction for the bus, it is the role of the staff to work with our high-level volunteers to actually drive the bus toward its destination.

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